County Louth GC appoints SVV to create masterplan

Historic County Louth Golf Club in Baltray, Ireland, originally designed by legendary golf course architect Tom Simpson, has hired Spogárd & Vandervaart to create a long term Development Masterplan for the 18 hole golf course. Furthermore SVV has been commissioned to add an extensive chipping and pitching area to the practise facilities as well as help with suggestions to optimise the entry road leading to the clubhouse.


Laytown & Bettystown GC commissions SVV to create masterplan

Historic Laytown & Bettystown GC in Ireland has appointed SVV to create a full masterplan for their 19 hole (!) golf course.

02.08.2011 - continued

Design update: Himmerland Golf & Country Club

The Portfolio section of our website has been updated to include the latest on the renovation of the New Course at Himmerland Golf & Country Club (HGCC). HGCC is the leading resort in Scandinavia with unparalleled facilities as well as two 18 hole courses and a 9 hole par 3 course.

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