We believe

1 We believe in designing world class golf courses, which are
as challenging and fun to play for all golfers as they are
memorable and beautiful to behold.

2 We believe in teamwork where the exchange of knowledge
and expertise help exceed even the highest of ambitions.

3 We believe in environmentally sustainable* design and
beautiful natural* golf courses.

4 We believe the land dictates the layout and that you
shouldn’t move mountains just to create others.

5 We believe that each site is unique and should be
approached so – so that the use of the natural
topography and native vegetation helps the course
exist in perfect harmony with its surroundings.


We believe - continued

6 We believe in incorporating new technology
to help us create golf courses that look as
established as the best from the past.

7 We believe in long days, late rounds, birdies,
eagles and bogeys – and in trying our best
and giving it all we’ve got.

8 We believe our product is of great value to
us, the golfers and our clients.

9 We believe making good golf courses is a
skill, but creating great golf courses is an art.

10 We believe in being different.

*And we believe words like ‘environmentally sustainable’ and
‘natural’ have an honest meaning beyond marketing.